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Spiritual Life

Under the direction of the Spiritual Life Committee, composed of faculty and students, plans are drawn up for the daily chapel services, which are led by faculty, senior students and guests. The Committee arranges for special services at appropriate times, such as Advent and Holy Week.

The Committee, in consultation with the whole Faculty, is also in charge of the retreats, when the entire student body and faculty meet together for a period of worship and meditation, at a location outside the School.

A student committee named by the student body arranges for a weekly Bible study and a weekly prayer service. On Sundays, students disperse to their own churches or to Field Work assignments, under the auspices of the School. Students from abroad, who do not speak Arabic or Armenian, will find in the vicinity of the School several small expatriate congregations with services in German, French or English.

The academic year begins with a service of Holy Communion, the Opening Convocation, and concludes with the Commencement Service.

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